Weeplaces – Geoprofiles launched: make your checkins useful.

We’re extremely excited to launch geoprofiles as well as Facebook Places and Gowalla integration!

Though badges, points, and deals are fun, what do you do with 150 checkins and 3 badges?  

Well, checkins are a record of our experiences, activities, and places we’ve been.  WeePlaces makes use of this data by creating geoprofiles, a personal page of these experiences. Geoprofiles enable you to: 

1.  Visualize your location history and discover trends.

2.  Group, annotate, and share checkins (coffee shops visited in the Mission, or weekend trip to NYC).

3.  Connect with friends and view the places they’ve been.

Geoprofiles are a new way to use and find value with checkins.  Our greater vision is that geoprofiles become a feed of your location life, serving as a storage and organizational tool for all geodata (checkins, pictures, descriptions, tweets, comments).

There are currently tens of thousands of people creating profiles and sharing content.  Try it out.

Visit Weeplaces.com and select your service of choice (Foursquare, Facebook Places, or Gowalla).  

(Click on image for hi-res)

Your geoprofile is created – visualizing your checkins, areas you visit, where you spend your time, how your usage has changed, etc.

Click on any of your friends, combine their geoprofile, and view where you both hang out.  Blue is you, grey is your friend, and pink is the overlap.

You can organize and share your checkins how you want.  Show restaurants in San Francisco, or your last month of checkins.

Every want to keep track of what you did there, or you were with, or what you ordered? Add a note, a review, or a description of any checkin.  Your friends can comment, ask you a question, or leave you a note as well.

To demo the real deal, get your own geoprofile at weeplaces or view mine.


We’re looking for feedback on how to make us better.  Please send us comments, thoughts, and ideas.  We read and respond to everything.

Eric Wu
Founder, weeplaces.com



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